Surf & Turf Dinner for Two

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Salad Course:

(2 Portions) Butter Lettuce Wedge Salads: Crisp Wedges of tender butter lettuce, with sweet heirloom grape tomatoes, Maytag blue cheese crumbles, and applewood smoked bacon. Served with a sweet apricot jam and house-made herb buttermilk dressing. Gluten Free, Nut Free

Main Course:

(2 Portions) Chargrilled Filet Mignon: (2) 6 oz. Certified Black Angus filet mignon, rubbed with rosemary, fresh garlic, cracked pepper and sea salt. Pan seared until caramelized and served with a rich red wine demi-glace. Gluten free, Dairy Free, Nut free

Accompanied by: 
Tender Haricot Vert: Sautéed with a black truffle and roasted shallot butter. Gluten free, Dairy Free, Nut free

(2 Portions) Lobster Carbonara: 6 oz. of cold water lobster sautéed with crispy pancetta and fresh english peas. Tossed with Artisanal Garganelli pasta and a roasted tomato and citrus butter sauce. Finished with fresh Pecorino Romano cheese. Nut Free

Dessert Course:

(2) Dark Chocolate Tortes: 2 slices of rich flourless chocolate cake topped with dark chocolate mousse and dark chocolate ganache then finished with fresh berriesGluten Free, Nut Free


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