Healthy Lifestyle Breakfast: Spring Green Smoothie

Spring Green Smoothie

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Spring Green Smoothie: A fresh and filling blend of spinach, kale, cucumber, blueberries, banana, fresh ginger, mint, and Spirulina. All frozen and ready to be blended with your desired milk, milk substitute, or juice, making a quick snack or breakfast on the go loaded with vitamins, potassium and calcium. Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Nut Free, Healthy Lifestyle

*Milk/Milk Substitute Not Included

*Chef's Recommendation: Coconut Milk or Apple Juice for Milk/Milk Substitute

Serves 1

Preparation Instructions:
Empty contents of container into blender. Add 10 ounces of preferred milk or juice (e.g. Almond, Oat, Skim, etc.). Blend until smooth. Serve immediately in original smoothie container or cup of choice.

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