Beef tips with creamy Polenta and root vegetables

Burgundy Tenderloin of Beef Tips

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Burgundy Tenderloin of Beef Tips: Pan seared beef tenderloin tips tossed in a burgundy wine sauce over creamy parmesan polenta and roasted seasonal root vegetables
*Contains gluten and dairy

Creamy Parmesan Polenta

Roasted Seasonal Root Vegetables


Shrimp Cocktail: Eight impressive jumbo shrimp, gently poached in a blend of lemon, white wine and Maryland style seafood spice. Served chilled with homemade spicy cocktail sauce.

Triple C Brewing - Golden Boy Blonde Ale: A bright sessionable beer with light bready note and a well balanced hop bitterness.

Tuck Beckstoffer's Hogwash Rosé of Grenache, California 2019this crisp rosé will refresh the palate as the zesty spices are mouth-watering.

Mile Post Pinot Noir Courting Hill Vineyard, Willamette Valley 2017: the crisp acidity on this light bodied red makes it perfect for the Korean BBQ glaze. 

House-Made Paloma Cocktail Mix: Fresh squeezed and lightly sweetened grapefruit and lime juice ready to be mixed with your favorite vodka, gin or tequila. Finished with Fever Tree club soda and garnished with a grapefruit pinwheel.

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